Animation & Children's recordings
Title and Description Price
ACTION MAN - Official Action Man march/Authentic battle sounds (GAL.006/pic bag ep) £15
ALISON UTTLEY & MARJORIE WESTBURY/The squirrel,the hare,and the little grey rabbit. (DEL.121/pic bag ep) £6
ALPHABET ZOO (TV) (Ralph McTell-Songs from the series) (TG/007) £8.5
AN AMERICAN TAIL-Feival der mauswanderer. (MCA.39096) £15
BUG-A-BOO (Disney) (WD2T) (Macho Duck & Tweedledum etc) £6.5
CAMBERWICK GREEN - Animated children's series (REC.263) £15
CAPTAIN NOAH AND HIS FLOATING ZOO(Michael Flanders/Joseph Horovitz- Holy Moses (Chris Hazell)with The King's Singers) (ZDA.149) £15
CARE BEARS TO THE RESCUE (Randy Edelman) (LPELF.23802) £10
CHARLIE CHALK (TV) (Songs & music from the series) (CHARLP.1) £8.5
CHICO LAMA - De fabeltjes krant (WSP.LP16049) £10
CHILDRENS'SONG BOOK (Cynthia Glover/John Lawrenson) (MFP.1367) £6.5
CHRISTMAS DANCE-Children's world (Chorley/Gloves & Konnor) (Distributed by Discotto-Italy) (PD.01-Picture disc) £15
CINDERELLA & DICK WHITTINGTON (Arthur Askey/Angela Baddeley/Basiol Brush/Dora Bryan/Roy Castyle/Bruce Forsyth/Dickie Henderson/Yootha Joyce/Morecambe & Wise/Norman Wisdom et al) (2478093/Signed copy) £20
FATHER ABRAHAM-The smurf song (FR.13759)(TV) £5
GULLIVER (Sir.John Gielgud-narrator)(Composed and conducted by Patrick Williams) (SW/2101) £20
HUCKLEBERRY FINN (The Sherman Brothers) (UA-LA229F/Gatefold) £20
JOHNNY MORRIS-The story of Thomas,Terence & the snow/Thomas and Bertie.(Rev.W.Awdry) (DEL.138/pic bag ep) £7
KENNETH GRAHAME - The reluctant dragon (Read by Michael Hordern) (ZSW.567) £10
KENNETH GRAHAME- The wind in the willows & The reluctant dragon (Narrated by: Richard Baker with cast + The King's Singers) (MCL.412) £10
KREMMEN THE MOVIE (The Aliens) (EMI.5081)(45rpm) £5
MARK TWAIN-Tom Sawyer (Read by Bing Crosby) (ZSW.561-3) ( £20
MY FAVOURITE STORIES (Judi Dench/Pete Murray) (MFP.50309) £8.5
NORMAN SHELLEY-Now we are six (A.A.Milne) (ZSW.569) £15
OLIVER (Original Israeli cast) (Habimah National Theatre Production(Shraga Friedman & Rivka Raz) (70018) (Sung in Hebrew) £25
ONCE UPON A TIME (With: Rolf Harris/Barbara Windsor/Jon Pertwee/John Inman/Penelope Keith) (RTLO.2068) £10
PROKOFIEV-PETER & THE WOLF (Narrated by Dame Flora Robson) (Brighton Youth Orchestra/David Gray)(S6417) £7.5
RUDYARD KIPLING-The Road to Mandalay-Kipling in song' 1866-1966) The 'Just so' song book - Sung by Owen Brannigan. (CSD.3581) £15
ST.WINIFRED'S SCHOOL CHOIR-There's no one quite like Grandma (FP.900/Pic bag 45rpm single)p £5
STOWAWAYS ON THE ARK-In der arche ist der wurm drin (Frank Pleyer) (JMP.4018) £15
SZYMANOWSKI - Twenty children's rhymes Op.49 + English songs (Simon Woolf/treble) (RHS.315) £8.5
THE 3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER (Bernard Herrmann) (CN.4003/Collectors Ltd.Edition-gatefold-Visual effects by Ray Harryhausen) £35
THE DAYDREAMER (Hans Andersen)Featuring the talents of: Tallulah Bankhead/Victor Borge/Boris Karloff/Sessue Hayakawa/Burl Ives/Hayley Mills/Terry Thomas)(Filmed in Animagic)(OL.6540) £20
THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK-Children of the sky-Mike Batt. (Narration by Sir.John Gielgud & John Hurt)(With: George Harrison/Roger Daltry/Art Garfunkel/Cliff Richard) (12ARK1/12" maxi single) £10
THE JETSONS(TV) (TVT.5005-12" single) £10
THE KIDS FROM FAME (REP.447/gatefold) £8.5
THE KIDS FROM FAME-Rock'n roll world (AFL1.4842/No UK release) £15
THE MUPPETS (CBS.70170/Gatefold) £10
THE NIGHTINGALE (Based on Hans Christian Andersen's story)(Read by Daphne Oxenford-Music by David Sumbler-Libretto by: Kenneth Hodginson)(PBS.801) £10
THE OLD MAN OF LOCHNAGAR (HRH.The Prince of Wales) (Narrated by Peter Ustinov/Music by Roger Webb) (MMT.109/Gatefold) £10
THE SLEEPING BEAUTY-Denise Bryer with the London Theatre Company/dialogue + music by Tchaikovsky)(REVK1) £12
THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (Donovan/Joe Fagin/Steve Hackett/Tony Ashton/Eddie Hardin) (PTLS.1078) £15
THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS (With: Michael Hordern/David Jason/Peter Sallis) (The Weasles' trap/Mole's cousin) (POW.3047) £15
THE WOMBLES - Minuetto Allegretto/Wombleburrow boogie (CBS.2710)(TV) £4
THE WOMBLES - Remember you're a Womble/Bungo's birthday (CBS.2241)(TV) £4
THE WOMBLES - Wombling song/Wombles everywhere (CBS.1794)(TV) £4
TOM PAXTON-The marvellous toy & other gallimaufry (FF.408) £10
TOM SAWYER (Mark Twain) (The Sherman Brothers) (Celeste Holm/Warren Oates) (UA-LA057F) £15
TREASURE ISLAND (The Original Mermaid Theatre Production) (Bernard Miles/Spike Milligan) (SRS.5191) £15
WALT DISNEY WORLD'S MAGIC KINGDOM-A musical souvenir (Walt Disney World Band-W2/12" picture disc) £20
WATERSHIP DOWN (Bright eyes)(Art Garfunkel)(CBS.6947) £4