Title and Description Price
ANDY WARHOL'S FRANKENSTEIN (Claudio Gizzi) (RED.212/Gatefold-Limited numbered Edition of 15/1000 copies) £35
ARACHNOPHOBIA.(Trevor Jones) (570.001/UK) £12
DAMIEN-Omen 2.(FML.109/Japan) £35
MANIAC - Rob (DW.014/2LP gatefold) £35
OMEN III-The final conflict.(Jerry Goldsmith) (CST.8020/Germany) £20
POLTERGEIST 2-The other side.(Jerry Goldsmith) (RVF.6002/USA) £35
POLTERGEIST.(Jerry Goldsmith) (2315.439/Germany) £30
THE BRIDE.(Maurice Jarre) (STV.81254/USA) £25
THE FLY 11. (Christopher Young) (VS.5220/Germany) £15
THE HILLS HAVE EYES-Don Peake (OWS02/Gatefold)) £30
THE KINDRED.(David Newman) (STV.81308/USA) £25
TRANSYLVANIA 6-5000.(Lee Holdridge) (STV.81267/USA) £20