Soundtracks post 1980
Title and Description Price
52 PICKUP (Gary Chang) (STV.81300-USA) £20
84 CHARING CROSS ROAD (George Fenton) (STV.81306-USA) £20
A FINE MESS (Henry Mancini + Various) (MOX.6180-USA) £7.5
A HANDFUL OF DUST (George Fenton) (LPLT-D071-UK) £12
A MINOR MIRACLE (Rick Patterson) (STV.81193-USA) £20
A PASSAGE TO INDIA (Maurice Jarre) (EJ24-0302-UK) £12
AGAINST ALL ODDS (Michel Colombier + Various) (Oved 155-UK) £10
ANNA (Greg Hawkes) (STV.81363-USA) £20
ARIA (10 Directors illustrate operatic arias) (Altman/Beresford/Bryden/Jean-Luc Godard/Jarman/Roddam/Roeg/Ken Russell/Julien Temple) £15
ARMED AND DANGEROUS (Various) (SJ-53041-USA) £10
ARTHUR 2 (Burt Bacharach + Various) (SP-3916-USA) £10
BLAZE (Bennie Wallace) (SP.3932-USA) £10
BURGLAR (Various) (MCA.6201-USA) £10
CAL (Mark Knopfler) (VERH.17-UK) £10
CERTAIN FURY (Bill Payne-Russ Kunkel-George Massenburg) (STV.81239-USA) £20
CHAMPIONS (Carl Davis) (ISTA 7) £15
CHARIOTS OF FIRE (Vangelis) (POLS.1026-UK) £10
CHILDREN OF A LESSER GOD (Michael Convertino) (GNPS.8007-USA) £12
CHRONICLE OF A DEATH FORETOLD (Piero Piccioni) (V.2441-UK) £10
COLD FEET (Tom Bahler) (VS.5231) £12
CRIMES OF THE HEART (Georges Delerue) (TER.1130-UK) £12
CROSSING DELANCEY (Paul Chihara) (VS.5201-Germany) £20
CROSSOVER DREAMS (Various Latin tracks) (EKT.36-USA) £10
CRY FREEDOM (George Fenton & Jonas Gwangwa) (MCG.6029- UK - Gatefold) £15
DAD (James Horner) (MCA.6359-USA) £15
DANCE WITH A STRANGER (Richard Hartley/With dialogue) £12
DANCE WITH A STRANGER - (Richard Hartley) (Pact 7-With dialogue) £12
DANCERS (Pino Donaggio & Various classical excerpts) (FM.42565-UK) £10
DISORDERLIES (Various) (833274-Y1-USA) £10
DOMINICK & EUGENE (Trevor Jones) (VS.704-540-USA) £20
DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS (Andy Summers + Various) (MCA-25.2935-Italy) £10
DOWN TWISTED ( Berlin Game) (STV.81305-USA) £20
DRAGNET (Ira Newborn + Various) (MCA-6210-Canada) £10
ECHO PARK (Various) (LP-395119/Germany) £10
EDUCATING RITA (David Hentschel) (812402-IQ-Germany) £12
EDWARD 11 (Simon Fisher Turner) (IONIC.8) £12
ENIGMA (Marc Wilkinson) (TER.1027-UK) £12
EXIT WOUNDS -Various (S.160041-2LP-160g) £20
FAREWELL TO THE KING - L'adieu au Roi (Basil Poledouris)(A.375) £20
FATAL ATTRACTION (Max Hitchcock + Others) (FST-7500-USA-Very rare limited Vinyl pressing) £25
FEDS (Randy Edelman) (GNPS.8014-USA) £10
FIRE AND ICE (Various) (MCA.6206-USA) £12
FIREWALKER (Gary Chang) (STV.81303-USA) £20
FIVE CORNERS (James Newton Howard) (STV.81354-USA) £20
FOR LOVE ALONE (Nathan Waks) (254138-Australia) £10
FROM THE HIP (Paul Zaza) (STV.81309-USA) £20
GINGER MEGGS (Various) (APLP.055-Australia) £15
GREYSTOKE-THE LEGEND OF TARZAN-Lord of the apes (John Scott) (25120-USA) £12
HARD TO HOLD (Tom Scott + Various) (ABL1-4935-USA) £10
HE'S MY GIRL (Various) (SZ.40906-USA) £10
HEARTBREAK HOTEL (Various) (8533-1-R-USA) £12
HEAT AND DUST (Richard Robbins) (STV.81194-USA) £20
HIGHWAY ONE (Richard Clapton) (L.31638-Australia) £12
HOLLYWOOD VICE SQUAD (Michael Convertino & Chris Spedding) (72147-USA) £10
HOME MOVIES (Pino Donaggio) (STV.81139-USA) £20
HOPE AND GLORY (Peter Martin) (STV.81329-USA) £25
HOT SHOTS (Sylvester Levay) (VS.5338-Germany) £12
IDENTITY CRISIS (Mario Van Peebles) (9907-12" Maxi single) £10
IF EVER I SEE YOU AGAIN (Joseph Brooks)(2WB-3199-2LP-USA) £12
IN A SHALLOW GRAVE (Jonathan Sheffer) (STV.81359-USA) £35
IN THE MOOD (Ralph Burns + Various Jazz) (78.17881-USA) £7.5
INTO THE NIGHT (Ira Newborn & B.B.King) (MCF.3269-UK) £7.5
JAKE SPEED (Mark Snow) (STV.81285-USA) £20
JEWEL OF THE NILE (Jack Nitzsche + Various) £10
JOHNNY HANDSOME (Ry Cooder) (925996-Germany) £10
JUMPING JACK FLASH (Thomas Newman + Various)(83045-1-M USA ) £10
JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS (Patrick Williams & Earl Klugh) (25391-USA) £10
KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN (John Neschling & Lando Carneiro) (90475-1-E/USA) £10
LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN (Mark Knopfler) (25986-USA) £10
LETHAL WEAPON 2 (259851-Germany) £12
LITTLE MAN TATE (Mark Isham) (VS.5343-Germany) £15
LOCAL HERO (Mark Knopfler) (VERL.4-UK) £10
LORCA & THE OUTLAWS (Tony Banks) + Quicksilver-3 cuts. (CAS.1173-UK) £10
MADAME SOUSATZKA (Gerald Gouriet + Various Classical) (VS.5204- Germany) £12
MADE IN THE U.S.A (Various) (OV.41566-USA) £12
MAN ON FIRE (John Scott) (STV.81343-USA) £20
MATEWAN (Mason Daring + Various) (DR.1011-USA) £20
MAURICE (Richard Robbins) (BL.86618-UK) £12
McCANNICK-Johann Johannsen (M2.36669) £25
MERMAIDS (Various) (EPIC.467874-UK) £12
MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON (David McHugh + Various) (ABL1-5036- USA ) £8.5
MR & MRS BRIDGE (Richard Robbins + Various) (PL.83100-Germany) £12
MURDER BY DEATH-Music to the book by Jeff Vandermeer (Finch) £15
OFF LIMITS (James Newton Howard) ( Varese 704/450-Germany) £20
OLD GRINGO (Lee Holdridge) (GNPS-8017-USA) £15
PARENTHOOD - Randy Newman (26001) £12
PENITENTIARY 111 (Various) (PL.86663-Germany) £10
PENNIES FROM HEAVEN (Various vintage tracks + Steve Martin) (2HW3639-Gatefold-USA) £15
PIPE DREAMS (Gladys Knight & The Pips) (BDLH.5017-UK) £12
PIRATES (Philippe Sarde) (STV.81287-Germany) £20
PLACES IN THE HEART-Les Saisons du Coeur (Various)(A269-France) £15
PRIEST OF LOVE (Joseph James)(Based on the biography of D.H.Lawrence (SS001/Luxury gatefold package with triple insert-Superb orchestral score.Starred:Ian McKellen-Janet Suzman-Ava Gardner-Penelope Keith-John Gielgud.Very limited pressing-import) £35
PUNCH LINE (Charles Gross) (AMSP.3922-USA) £12
QUARTET-RICHARD ROBBINS (A Merchant Ivory film) (GR.1020) £15
QUEEN CITY ROCKERS(Dave McArtney)(PAL.1023-Australia) £12
RAW DEAL (Cinemascore by Music Design) (STV.81286) £20
REBEL (Chris Neal) (EMX-240439-Australia) £20
RED DAWN (Basil Poledouris) (RVF.6001-Limited issue-USA) £35

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