Theatre original Cast/Personality vocals - Gilbert & Sullivan.
Title and Description Price
SMILIN' THROUGH (SC - Radio - Complete)(Jeanette McDonald - Brian Aherne - Dorothy Kirsten.(Non Commercial - Canada)(JN.125) £20
SMILING THROUGH (OLC) (6308/095)(John Hanson/Lynn Winters/Dudley Marsh) £15
SONDHEIM - (Book of the month records) (81 - 7515 - 3LP Box)(Features the first performance of Pacific Overtures Suite - 27') £30
SONDHEIM - A MUSICAL TRIBUTE (Shubert Theatre NYC 11.3.73) (All Star Cast) (2WS - 2705 - 2LP - Gatefold) £35
SONG & DANCE (OBC) The songs (Bernadette Peters) £20
SONGBOOK (OLC) (Anton Rodgers - Gemma Craven - Diane Langton) (NSPL.18609) £12
SOPHISTICATED LADIES (OBC) (Gregory Hines - Judith Jamison) (CBL2 - 4053 - 2LP - Gatefold) £25
SOUTH PACIFIC (OBC) (Mary Martin - Ezio Pinza - Juanita Hall) (BBL.7157) £15
SOUTH PACIFIC (SC) (Kiri Te Kanawa - Jose Carreras) (SM.42205 - Gatefold) £12
SPIKE MILLIGAN & JEREMY TAYLOR An adult entertainment live at Cambridge University.(SRLD.3001/2LP-Gatefold) £20
STAN FREBURG- Rock 'n' roll (RVLP.1019) £12
STANLEY HOLLOWAY-Stanley,I presume (33SX1656) £20
STARLIGHT EXPRESS (OLC) (Stephanie Lawrence) (Only he has the power to move me) (LMS.2*) £4
STARLIGHT EXPRESS (Original German Cast - highlights) (Stevie Woods/Claudia Bradley) (5111540) £15
STARS AND GARTERS (OTVC) (Ray Martine - Kathy Kirby - Al Saxon - Vince Hill) (GGL.0252) £15
STARS OF VARIETY (DL.1155-2LP Gatefold)(George Formby/Flanagan & Allen/Frankie Howerd/Tommy Trinder et al) £15
STEEL TOWN (San Francisco Mime Troupe) (FF.347) £10
STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF (EMA.751/gatefold)Anthony Newley & Leslie Bricusse) £15
STOP THE WORLD I WANT TO GET OFF (OLC) (Anthony Newley)(Once in a lifetime - What kind of fool am I) (45F.11376) £6
SUGAR (OBC) (Robert Morse - Tony Roberts - Cyril Ritchard)(UAS.9905 - Gatefold) £15
SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE (OBC) (Mandy Patinkin/Bernadette Peters)(Gatefold with Libretto) £20
SWAN ESTHER-Original cast: Stephanie Lawrence/Denis Quilley.(Music: Nick Munns/Lyrics: J.Edward Oliver-Choir: The King's House School,Richmond/Music Co-ordinator:Stanley Black) (MCF.3166) £15
SWEENEY TODD (OBC) (Angela Lansbury/Len Cariou (CBL2.3779/2LP Gatefold with libretto) £30
SWEET CHARITY (OBC - 1986) (Debbie Allen - Michael Rupert) (SV.17196) £15
SWEET CHARITY (OLC) (Juliet Prowse - Rod McLennan) (CBS.70035) £20
TAKARAZUKA DANCE THEATER - (Grand Theatre in Japan) (Hikaru Kuroki/Sakura Kamo/Hisako Misuru) (WL.163) £25
TAKE ME ALONG (OBC) (LOC.1050) (Walter Pidgeon/Eileen Herlie/Jackie Gleason) £20
TELL ME ON A SUNDAY (OLC) (Marti Webb) (POLD.5031 - Gatefold) £12
TELL ME ON A SUNDAY (OLC) (Marti Webb) (POLD.5031 - Gatefold) £12
TH POINT-Original Mermaid Theatre cast (Micky Dolenz/Davy Jones-Ex Monkees) (MCF.2286) £15
THE APPLE TREE(OBC) (Barbara Harris - Larry Blyden - Alan Alda) KOS.6620 - Gatefold) £15
THE BAKER'S WIFE (OBC) (Patti LuPone - Paul Servino)(THT.772) £15
THE BAKER'S WIFE (Sharon Lee Hill - James Villiers) (OLC - TER1175 - 2LP - Gatefold) £15
THE BEGGAR'S OPERA (Dennis Noble - Carmen Prietto)(DA.10 - 11/2LP - Gatefold) £20
THE BEGGAR'S OPERA (OLC) (Hy Hzell/Richard Durdon/Peter Gilmore) (CBS.70046) £15
THE BELIEVERS (OBC) (Voices Inc) (LSO.1151) £15
THE BEST OF Andrew Lloyd Webber) - Premiere collection. (ALWTV - 1) £10
THE BOY FRIEND (Player's Theatre - OC) (Anne Rogers - Anthony Hayes) (7eg.8226*) £10
THE BOY FRIEND (SW) (Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Production - 1968)(Tony Adams - Marion Grimaldi - Jeremy Hawk) (PCS.7044) £15
THE BOY WHO GREW TOO FAST (Gian Carlo Menotti)(World premiere recording in the original language)(Judith Howarth/Graham Godfrey) £12
THE BOYFRIEND(Player's Theatre OLC) (DLP.1078 - Original 1954 10" album) £25
THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE (OBC) (Portia Nelson/Jack Cassidy)(OS.2580) £20
THE BOYS IN THE BAND (NYOC) (SP.6001-2LP/ Gatefold) £25
THE CARD (OLC)(Jim Dale - Millicent Martin - Marti Webb)(NSPL18408) £25
THE COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG (Franz Lehar) (With: Neville Jason) (TWO.246) £15
THE CROOKED MILE (Peter Greenwell - Composer - At the piano with Theatre Orchestra) (jkp.2035*) £20
THE DESERT SONG (OLC)(Edith Day - Harry Welchman) + THE NEW MOON (OLC) (SH.254) £10
THE FANTASTICKS (OBC) (Jerry Orbach)(821943) £15
THE FLOGGITS-John Glover/Gareth Griffiths/Steve Muller. (TMB.114) £12
THE GANG SHOW - Ralph Reader (2870.168) £8.5
THE GANG SHOW 1970(Ralph Reader) (Together - The angel)(MM.674) £7
THE GANG SHOW- 1932/1962.(Ralph Reader)(ACL.1143) £12
THE GIRL IN PINK TIGHTS (OBC)(Jeanmaire/Charles Goldner) )Sigmund Romberg/Leo Robin) (OL.4890) £25
THE GOOD OLD DAYS-From The City Variety Leeds/Chairman-Leonard Sachs (PKL.5534) £12
THE GREAT WALTZ (OLC) (Sari Barabas - Walter Cassel) (SCX.6429) £20
THE HAPPY TIME (OBC) (Robert Goulet - David Wayne)(LSO.1144) £35
THE HIRED MAN (An ALW Production - Leicester Haymarket cast) (Melvyn Bragg & Howard Goodall) (Scene 10) £25
THE HOSTAGE-Brendan Behan(Theatre Workshop -Wyndham's Theatre 1959)(7eg 8491-4 track EP/Original sleeve) £20
THE JEWISH AMERICAN PRINCESS (SC) (Bob Booker & George Foster) (Beatrice Arthur - Lou Jacobi) (Bell.6068) £15
THE JOLSON REVUE (OLC) (Dai Francis) (UAS.29172) £10
THE KING & I (OBC)(Yul Brynner/Gertrude Lawrence)(DL.9008/Original issue-cover design differs from UK release) £20
THE KING AND I (USA Studio Cast) (OS.2640) (Barbara Cook/Theodore Bikel) £20
THE LORD CHAMBERLAIN REGRETS (OLC) (Joan Sims/Ronnie Stephens/Millicent Martin) (NPL.18065) £35
THE M0ST HAPPY FELLA (OBC) (Robert Weede/Jo Sullivan( (OS.2330) £20
THE MAGIC OF THE MUSICALS(With: June Bronhill) (OU.2239) £12
THE MATCH GIRLS (OLC)(Book & Lyrics by Bill Owen) (Vivienne Martin - Gerard Kelly - Marion Grimaldi) (NPL.18137) £25
THE MERRY WIDOW (Franz Lehar) (With:Denis Dowling - Thomas Round) (CSD 1259) £15
THE MUSIC MAN (OBC) (Robert Preston - Barbara Cook) (W990) £15
THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD (OBC) (Betty Buckley - Cleo Laine - George Rose (827.969 - Gatefold) £15
THE NERVOUS SET (OBC) (Larry Hagman/Rich Hayes) (OS.2018) £30
THE OLD MAID & THE THIEF (Menotti) (Judith Blegen/John Reardon) (SR.90521) £15
THE PAJAMA GAME (OBC) (John Raitt/Janis Paige) (OL.4840) £20
THE RUNAWAYS (NY Shakespeare Festival Cast)(PS.35410 - Gatefold) £15
THE SCATTERIN' (Donal Donnolly performs two songs from the play) (Weela,weela waile/The Furies)(F.11465/Demo plain bag single) £12
THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (OBC) (Marc London/Cathryn Damon) (OS.2720) £20
THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S THIRD BALL (V.2459)(With:Smith & Jones/Andrew Sachs/Warren Mitchell/Rory Bremner et al) £10
THE SNOW GOOSE (Paul Gallico)(Music: By Ed Welch - Narration by Spike Milligan) (RS.1088 - Gatefold) £15
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (OBC) (Mary Martin - Theodore Bikel - Kurt Kasznar) (KOL.5450 - Gatefold) £15
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (OLC) (Jean Bayless - Olive Gilbert - Roger Dann)(OCR.2) £10
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (SC) (Frederica Von Stade - Hakan Hagegard - Eileen Farrell) (DG.10162) £12
THE SWAN DOWN GLOVES (OLC-The RSC in panto) (TER.1017) £12
THE SWAN DOWN GLOVES (RSC in Panto - OC) (TER.1017) £10
THE TAFFETAS (Original Off-Broadway cast) (TER.1167) £12
THE WATER GYPSIES (OLC) (Dora Bryan - Roy Godfrey - Laurie Payne) (DLP.1097 - Original UK 10 - Signed by Dora Bryan) £35
THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS(Eddie Hardin/Zak Starkey)With:Donovan/Joe Fagin/Steve Hackett) (TLS.1078) £15
THE WITNESS (SC) (Barry McGuire) (LSA.7047 - 2LP - Gatefold) £15
THEATRELAND SHOW STOPPERS - 1943-1968/Original London Casts (SCX.SP652/3 LP box) £20
THEY PLAYED THE PALLADIUM-(Bing Crosby/Jessie Matthews/Max Miller/Norman Wisdom/RSM.Terry Thomas.Arthur Askey.)(+ 1952 Royal Command Variety performance)(RFLD.30-2LP-Gatefold) £15
THEY'RE PLAYING OUR SONG (OLC) (Tom Conti - Gemma Craven) (CHOP - E6 - Gatefold) £12
THOMAS AND THE KING (John Williams) (OLC) (James Smillie - Dilys Hamlett) (TERS.1009 - Limited pressing - Gatefold) £25
TO BROADWAY WITH LOVE (New York World's Fair Production - 1964)(Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick) (OL.8030 - Gatefold) £25
TOM BROWN'S SCHOOLDAYS (OLC) (Roy Dotrice - Judith Bruce)(SKL.5137) £25
TOM DREESON-That white boys crazy (FF.516) £10
TOM FOOLERY (The words,music and lyrics of Tom Lehrer)(Robin Ray) (TER.1137) £12

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