Theatre original Cast/Personality vocals - Gilbert & Sullivan.
Title and Description Price
GOYA (SC) (Placido Domingo)(I stand alone - I will paint sounds)(GOYA 2*) £5
GRAB ME A GONDOLA-OLC (Joan Heal/Denis Quilley) (USA reissue: AEI.1119) £15
GREASE (OLC) (Craig McLachlan - Debbie Gibson) (You're the one that I want) (659522*) £4
GREAT RADIO COMEDIANS - Reg Dixon - Billy Danvers - Cyril Fletcher - Jewel & Warriss - Gladys Morgan - Old Mother Riley - Al Read) (REC.151M) £10
GREAT VOICES ON RADIO-Rare broadcast vocal performances (1942/1052)(SH.2089)(James Melton/Rise Stevens/Robert Merrill/Dorothy Kirsten/Richard Tucker/Jan Peerce/Lily Pons/Ezio Pinza) (SH.2089) £15
GREENWILLOW (OBC) (Anthony Perkins - Cecil Kellaway)(P.13974 - Gatefold) £25
GRIND (OBC) (Ben Vereen - Stubby Kaye) (TER.1103) £10
GROUCHO MARX-The Mikado/Gilbert & Sullivan. (With:Robert Rounsville/Stanley Holloway/Helen Traubel/Dennis King) £15
GYPSY (OBC) (Ethel Merman - Jack Klugman - Sandra Church) (S.32607) £20
GYPSY (OBC) (Ethel Merman) (SAPG.60003) £15
HAIR (OBC) (Vince Edward) (Aquarius - Hair) (UP.2236 - Demo) £5
HAIR (Original French cast)(Julien Clerc & The Tribe)(PHS.600 - 329) £15
HAIR-Original London cast (583.043/Gatefold) £15
HAL ROACH - He must be joking (R.50000) £10
HALLELUJAH BABY! (OBC) (Leslie Uggams)(KOS.3090) £15
HANS ANDERSEN (1974/OLC)Tommy Steele/Milo O'Shea/Colette Gleason) (NSPL.18451) £15
HARRY BELAFONTE -Returns to Carnegie Hall-with Odetta & Miriam Makeba (LSO.6007-2LP-LIVING STEREO) £45
HARRY.H.CORBETT- Like the big boys do/The green eye of the little yellow god (7N.15552/45rpm) £8
HELLO DOLLY (OBC) (Carol Channing - David Burns)(BL.42962) £12
HELLO DOLLY (OLC) (Mary Martin - Loring Smith) (RD.7768) £10
HELLO DOLLY (SC) (Beryl Reid - Patricia Routledge - Arthur Haynes) (MFP.1066) £6.5
HIGH SOCIETY-(OLC) (Trevor Eve/Natasha Richardson) (SCX.6707) £12
HIS MONKEY WIFE (OLC) (June Richie - Robert Swann) (PTLS.1051) £20
HIS MONKEY WIFE (SW) (Hampstead Theatre Club) (June Ritchie - Robert Swann) (PTLS.1051) £20
HIT THE DECK (SC) (Millicent Martin - Kevin Scott) (7eg.8458) £10
HOUSE OF FLOWERS (OBC) (Harold Arlen/Truman Capote) (UAS.5180/Sealed) £25
HOWIE MANDEL-Fits like a glove (25427-1) £10
HUBERT GREGG & PAT KIRKWOOD-Thanks for the memory (REC.283) £12
I DO I DO (OLC) (Ian Carmichael - Anne Rogers) (SF.7938) £25
I HAD A BALL (OBC) (Buddy Hackett - Richard Kiley)(OCS.6210 - Gatefold) £15
I LOVE MY WIFE (OC) (SD.19107) £12
IAN WALLACE - An evening's entertainment with- (Live at The Queen Elizabeth Hall - 1971) (PCS.7140) £20
IAN WALLACE - Evening at Ledlanet(Live at Ledlanet Festival October 1968) (SDL.006) £15
IN WITH THE OLD (BBC Radio 2 cast) (Evelyn Laye - Elisabeth Welch - Dora Bryan - Maxine Audley - Richard Murdoch) (TER.1122) £15
INSTANT MARRIAGE (OLC) (Joan Sims/Bob Grant) (PS.40062) £35
INTO THE WOODS (OBC) (Bernadette Peters) (6796-1-RC/Gatefold with Libretto) £20
IRENE (OLC) (Jon Pertwee - Jessie Evans - Julie Anthony) (EMC.3139) £15
IRENE (SC - Radio) (Jeanette McDonald) (JN.109 - Canada - Complete) £20
IRENE(OBC) (Debbie Reynolds - Ruth Warrick - Patsy Kelly)(KS.32266 - Gatefold) £25
IRMA LA DOUCE-(Paris Theatre Gramont production)(Paul Peri sings:Avec les Anges-Ya qu' Paris por ca-Irma la Douce-Me v'te te v'la (gep.8629/pic bag 7" ep) £15
IVOR NOVELLO-(Original London casts: Crest of the wave/Arc de Triomphe/Gay's the word) (SH.216) £15
IVOR NOVELLO-GLAMOROUS NIGHT (Rae Woodland/Monica Sinclair/BBC Chorus & Concert Orchestra-Marcus Dods) (TWO.243) £10
IVOR NOVELLO-His greatest songs. (Vanessa Lee/Julie Bryan/Marion Grimaldi/Ivor Emmanuel. (CSD.1263) £12
IVOR NOVELLO-Introduces his earlier songs-Xmas greetings.(Private pressing-12" HMV 78rpm.Special label with cartouche of Novello)(Matrix No: 2EA5131/20) £20
IVOR NOVELLO: Glamorous Night (Rae Woodland/Monica Sinclair/Robert Thomas-BBC Chorus & Orchestra/Marcus Dods) (TWO. ) £15
JACK BUCHANAN-OLC recordings. (Toni-1924/Boodle-1925/That's a good girl-1928)With Elsie Randolph. (SH.329) £12
JACKIE MASON - I'm the greatest comedian in the world....... (LP.839675) £10
JANET BROWN-Iron Lady-The coming of the Leader (MOGO.4006) £12
JASPER CARROTT (DJF.20575) (Live at London Palladium) £8.5
JASPER CARROTT-Cosmic Carrott (Laugh.1) £8.5
JENNIE (OBC) (Mary Martin/George Wallace) (LSO.1083) £35
JEROME KERN: Showboat-OLC (Edith Day/Paul Robeson)-Sunny: Jack Buchanan/Binne Hale/Elsie Randolph) (SH.240) £12
JEROME ROBBINS' BROADWAY (OBC) (2LP boxed set with booklet)(60150) £25
JERRY CLOWER - Classic Clower(MCA.42178) £10
JERRY CLOWER -Yazoo City Mississippi (MCA.33) £10
JERRY ORBACH - & BEVERLEY SILLS - Moon medley.(Non - Commercial/Private pressing) £35
JERRY ORBACH - Off Broadway (Non - Commercial/Private pressing) £35
JERRY'S GIRLS (OC) (Carol Channing - Leslie Uggams - Andrea McArdle) (TER2.1093 - 2LP - Gatefold) £15
JESSIE MATTHEWS - Charlie Girl (SC) (MFP.1082) £12
JESSIE MATTHEWS - Looking over my shoulder (MFP.1127) £10
JESSIE MATTHEWS - The King and I (SC) (MFP.1257) £12
JESSIE MATTHEWS-Over my shoulder (ECM.2168) £10
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (Film version) (Ted Neeley - Carl Anderson - Yvonne Elliman) (MCX.502 - 2LP - fold) £20
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR (OBC) (Ben Vereen - Jeff Fenholt - Yvonne Elliman) (DL7 - 1503 - Gatefold - With original playbill) £20
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR - (Andrew Lloyd Webber) (DXSA.7206-2LP-Box-Light blue/ black label) £35
JIMMY (OBC) (Frank Gorshin - Julie Wilson) (LSO.1162) £15
JOAN RIVERS - The next to last album (BLS.8096) £12
JOAN SUTHERLAND SINGS NOEL COWARD - (With guest appearance by NC) (LXT.6255) £35
JOE PISCOPO-New Jersey(UFC.40046) £10
JOHN BLUTHAL & JOE LYNCH - Act one,scenes one & two in a pub)(CHS.801) £15
JONATHAN WINTERS - Down to earth (CLP.1427) £12
JONATHAN WINTERS - Humor seen through the eyes of JW (VLP.9041) £12
JONNY SPIELT AUF-Ernst Krenek (Evelyn Lear/Gerd Felhoff/William Blankenship) (AL.3498/With libretto) £15
JOSE CARRERAS sings Andrew Lloyd Webber (WX.325) £10
JOSEPH (As above - London Production 1991)(Jason Donovan)(RURX - 7 - 12 Maxi single with poster) £8.5
JOSEPH (As above - OBC) (Bill Hutton - Laurie Beecham) (CHR.1387) £15
JOSEPH (Original London revival cast (Peter Reeves - Riggs O'Hara - Andrew Robertson - Joan Heal - Ian Charleson) (2394.103) £10
JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOUR DREAMCOAT (First recording 1969 - Studio Cast) (SKL.4973) £15
JOSEPHINE - Studio cast (Michael Wild) (SRT6KL1030) £15
JOYCE GRENFELL - Music by Richard Addinsell (CLP.1810) £20
JOYCE GRENFELL-Re: Joyce.Selections from her repertoire chosen by Maureen Lipman who portrayed her on stage) (EMS.1305) £12
JUDY GARLAND & lIZA MINELLI (Live at The London Palladium) (E-ST.11191) £15
JUDY GARLAND - Miss Showbiz/Historical recordings (AH.43) £8.5
JUDY GARLAND-Just for openers (M.12034) (TV show) £15
JUDY GARLAND-Live at Carnegie Hall(EM.2604323/2LP gatefold) £25
JUDY GARLAND-LIZA MINNELLI (Live at The London Palladium) (T764/5- 2LP gatefold) £20
JUSTIN WILSON-Not for Cajuns only-Let the good times roll (GS.11016) £10
KIP ADDOTTA - Life in the slow lane (RNLP.70826) £10
KIP ADDOTTA - The comedian of the United States (RNLP.70829) £10
KIPLING IN SONG -1866/1966-The Just So stories (side 2)The Road to Mandalay/Gunga Din etc.,(side 1)(Owen Brannigan with Ernest Lush & the Gilbert Vinter Orchestra)(CSD.3581) £15
KIRI TE KANAWA - Best of (Early NZ pressing) (SLC.85) £12
KISMET (SC) (Valerie Masterson - Donald Maxwell) (TER.1170 - 2LP - Gatefold) £15
KISS ME KATE (OBC) (Alfred Drake/Patricia Morison/Lisa Kirk) (BBL.7224) £15
KISS ME KATE (SC) (Patricia Routledge - David Holliday) (MFP.1126) £10
KURT WEILL-Brecht abend Nr.2-Uber der grossen Stadte-Mitt dem songspiel.(Disc 1: Selection-Music by HANS EISLER/HANS-DIETER HOSALLA/PAUL DESSAU- Compositions 1925-1935-variable sound) (Disc 2: Das kleine Mahagonny( EVP.2420M/2LP gatefold) £20
KURT WEILL-Suite from the opera "Der Silbersee" + KORNGOLD-Schauspiel Overture Opus 4.(M.I.T.Symphony Orchestra/David Epstein) (TV.34760) £12

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