War Films (Includes TV)
Title and Description Price
BAT 21.(Christopher Young) (VS.5202-Germany) £15
CHINA BEACH.(Music & memories(dialogue)(Various)(K1-93744-USA) £12
COLDITZ-Breakpoint.(Devised by Major Pat Reid of 'Colditz story'fame-Studio Production) (TPSM.2001-UK) £15
HOLOCAUST.(Morton Gould) (RL.12785-UK-Gatefold) £20
LION OF THE DESERT.(Maurice Jarre) (TKLP.5005-UK) £12
LUFTWAFFE THE AIR WEAPON.(Scores by Christopher Young)(CST.0114-USA) £20
MacARTHUR.(Jerry Goldsmith) (MCA.2287-USA) £20
NAPOLEON.(Carmine Coppola score for the Abel Gance 1928 silent film) (FM.37230-USA-gatefold) £25
NORTH & SOUTH.(Bill Conti) + THE RIGHT STUFF (STV.704310-USA) £25
OFF LIMITS.(James Newton Howard) (VS.704.450-USA) £25
PLATOON LEADER.(George S.Clinton) (GNPS.8013-USA) £15
RED SCORPION. (Jay Chattaway) (VS.5230-Germany) £20
SKY BANDITS.(Aifi Kabiljo) (STV.81297-USA) £25
THE BLUE & THE GREY-Songs from the American Civil War (George Mitchell Singers/Val Doonican/John Boulter/Andy Cole) (TP.629) £20
THE DIRTY DOZEN-Frank De Vol (CBS.450229/With poster) £15
THE FINAL COUNTDOWN.(John Scott) (NBLP.7232-USA) £25
THE FINEST HOURS.(Sir Winston Churchill's own story-complete)(Music by Ron Grainer-Narrated by Orson Welles & Patrick Wymark)(MGP.2-104-2LP-gatefold-USA) £35
THE HIDING PLACE.(Tedd Smith) (WST.9554-UK) £12
THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.(Basil Poledouris) (2292.57227-Germany) £25
THE VOICE OF WINSTON CHURCHILL.(Excerpts from his wartime broadcasts) LXT.6200) £15
THE WIND & THE LION.(Jerry Goldsmith)(AL.4008-USA) £35
THE WINDS OF WAR (Also: War & remembrance-TV score)(Bob Cobert) (TER) £12
TRIUMPH OF THE SPIRIT. (Cliff Eidelman)VS.5254-Germany) £20
U.S.S.OLYMPIA-Commemorative record. (1895-1970-From the Battle of Manila Bay to 1970) (Gatefold-Narration by Neil Leifert) £15
UNDER FIRE.(Jerry Goldsmith) (923-965-Germany) £20